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WOMEN STEM UP aims at tackling a key challenge which is related to the persistent gender gap in STEM higher education and consequently in the labour market. STEM graduates are in high demand in the labour market and STEM jobs are among the most highly paid. Also, female graduates are in high demand in the labour market due to increasing focus on the importance of gender and equal opportunities policies and programs. The contribution of women in STEM has been recognized and considered as one important issue for innovation and renewal. However, the under-representation of women in STEM is a significant problem that has long term effects. Encouraging more women in STEM will translate into filling more of the projected available jobs, fostering innovation and increasing EU GDP.


The objectives of the Women Stem Up project are to:
1.break down gender stereotypes in STEM higher education ecosystem by creating a Training programme for STEM educators and staff offering concrete examples that can be used in teaching and supervision in the STEM-areas.
2.boost confidence and empower female students to continue their involvement in STEM during and after their studies. To achieve this goal a Leadership & Inspiration Academy will be developed, offering training, mentoring, inspiration and access to women STEM professionals acting as mentors and role models.
3. boost women’s passion for STEM by assisting female students to explore and understand the creativity and social impact potential in STEM. A “Women STEM UP for GOOD” programme will be developed to encourage female students to design and develop state of the art projects for the STEM areas and to practically see the socio-technical importance of the implementation of gender issues in technical projects. To this end, we will follow an E-STEAM approach to extend the STEM skillset to include entrepreneurship and creativity (E standing for Entrepreneurship and A for Arts).


1. Linköping University (SE)
2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU) (NO)
3. Stimmuli for Social Change, GR
4. Digital Leadership Institute, BE
5. University of Thessaly, GR

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