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We carry out RESEARCH on a variety of topics related to social innovation, education, (social) entrepreneurship and sustainable development by employing a mix of tools and approaches which usually take the following forms: 

  • State of the art analysis: we analyse the most recent trends, techniques and achievements in a given scientific or professional field.

  • Training needs analysis:  We carry out primary research and provide contextual and cross-country insights about the training and education needs, gaps, expectations, and experiences of a variety of target groups (from children to adults), that can influence the shape of any educational intervention.

  • Best practice research: We produce case study evidence and best practice analysis that can inform and inspire.

  • Evaluation and Impact assessment: We carry out evaluation and impact assessment studies of project, programmes and initiatives  in the field of education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Research and policy design: We carry out research that cuts across different disciplines and policies to highlight good practices, analyse implications and support evidence-based policy innovations.

Our work METHODOLOGY employs both qualitative and quantitative tools and it is based upon participatory action research methodologies. 

EXAMPLES of our work: