SOHACK aims to tackle sustainability challenges such as wasteful consumption of energy or food that university campus are facing in daily basis. That would be achieved by employing an innovative approach of merging place-making & hackathon methodologies to create new learning framework, to prepare students & higher education staff to become true factors of change towards a more sustainable future.


The objectives of the SOHACK project are to:
a. establish place-making and social hacking for solving sustainability issues as a modus operandi at HE level.
b. enhance the sustainability competencies amongst HE students and sustainability teaching methods for teachers
c. create applicable solutions for sustainable development within the HE sectors
d. enhance creativity and innovation at all levels in HEI


1. INNOVA+ innovation services, sa
2. Global Impact Grid GBR
3. Stimmuli for Social Change
3. Universidade Nova de Lisboa
4. Research and Education of Social Empowerment and Transformation – RESET LT
5. University of Macedonia
6. Vilniaus Universitetas

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