STAND- The final transnational meeting in Girona, Spain


The 4th and Final transnational project meeting of the STAND project was held in Girona on December 4-5, 2023, with the participation of representatives of the four partnering countries. The meeting was hosted by Blue Room Innovation and La Bobila School- Spanish partners.
The first day of the meeting was a blast! We seized the opportunity to exchange experiences from the workshops related to the second result (Methodological Guide) and the info-sessions implemented by organizations and schools for the third result (STAND-Data Protection and Safety in Distance Learning Handbook).
Partners also had the opportunity to participate in the multiplier event organized by Blue Room Innovation in Olot. It proved to be an enriching experience as we gained valuable insights from the speech delivered by the guest speaker, David Bueno. Prior to our departure from Olot, we conducted a study visit at La Bobila School. We finished the day with a walk around the old town of Girona.


During the second day of the meeting, we focused on the administrative, financial organization, while the consortium set the remaining steps of the project before its conclusion.

We are delighted that our collaborative and co-creative processes have resulted in a positive and fruitful impact.