Learning design and assessment

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We DESIGN inclusive educational approaches/ programmes for equipping learners of all educational levels (from primary and secondary to higher and adult level education) with 21st century competences (social, civic and entrepreneurial), fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of values and attitudes. We begin by making the learning goals explicit and linking them to specific activities, fostering at the same time, a collaborative learning environment. As a result, we focus on outcomes by assessing and reflecting upon the changes, benefits, learning and other effects that result from our activities so as to refine and update our programmes.

We do that by:

  • designing and developing customized educational programmes and curriculum. We work with teachers, school leaders, university professors and other education stakeholders in co-designing customised learning frameworks, enabling the incorporation of innovative educational approaches within their settings.
  • designing innovative and participatory resources and activities for education and training: We design and develop activities for formal and non formal education providers enabling them in embedding social innovation education, enterprise education and citizenship education in their curriculum. We follow a human centred design whereby learners experience a variety of co-creation activities.
  • developing competence frameworks: We take inspiration from existing European Competence frameworks to design tailor made learning strategies for cultivating the skills, knowledge and attitudes learners need in order to become socially proactive, empowered, responsible, engaged and entrepreneurial citizens.
  • assessing the learning outcomes: We assess complex educational interventions with emphasis on competence progression by adopting evaluation methodologies inspired by the realist theories and tools.
  • designing mentoring programmes: We design groundbreaking mentoring programmes that connect diverse groups such as school students with innovators, young migrants with local university graduates etc.

Our work METHODOLOGY includes collaborative techniques, driven by a rigorous use of theories of change, evidenced based data and the power of people.

EXAMPLES of our work:

1. Social Innovation Learning Framework:  As part of our NEMESIS project, we developed a non prescriptive framework for integrating Social Innovation in Primary and Secondary Education.
2. Measuring the impact of SIE on the development of SI competences: As part of our NEMESIS project, we assessed the learning outcomes of SIE on a sample of more than 200 students and 80 teachers.