AGS _ Teachers’ Training Workshop in Zaragoza, Spain


In the framework of the ActGreenStory Erasmus+ School Education project, a training workshop was held in Zaragoza, organized by the project partner CEIP Los Albares school on the 4th and 5th of May 2023. The aim of the training workshop was to familiarize primary and secondary school teachers with the AGS educational material designed by the project partners. Teachers from Belgium, Greece, Iceland, and Spain participated in the training workshop, delivered by the AGS partner organizations.
The first day of the training (4/05/23) took place at the CEIP Los Albares school. The participants were introduced to the AGS project, its objectives, and the progress made so far. Through a series of interactive activities, they enhanced their knowledge of climate change and explored different narrative techniques. Guided by the trainers, the teachers designed their own climate change podcasts and utilized the action canvas tool to address climate change consequences and potential solutions. Additionally, they had the opportunity to create a storyboard for a climate change campaign. The day concluded with a presentation on digital tools for designing digital stories and campaigns, including platforms like Kizoa and stop motion studio. The trainers also provided a brief overview of the AGS platform, a significant outcome of the project. The AGS Interactive Platform, accessible through the project’s website, enables users to easily and intuitively design digital stories and campaigns.
The second day of the training (5/5/23) took place at the Faculty of Education, University of Zaragoza. It began with warm-up activities and team-building exercises, followed by an introduction to campaigning fundamentals and examples of environmental campaigns in Brussels. The teachers received insights on civic engagement and involving youth in placemaking and environmental actions. They were provided with comprehensive teaching materials for classroom implementation. The session then covered child safety online and social media security in schools, stimulating brainstorming and encouraging debates among the participants. Subsequently, the teachers honed their digital skills and familiarized themselves with the AGS platform by designing their own digital stories and campaigns in groups, building upon the storyboards they had created the previous day. The active involvement of the participants in designing these digital stories and campaigns was met with enthusiasm, and they happily shared their accomplished results with one another. The training concluded with a discussion on the piloting of the AGS educational materials and teachers were committed to applying the project at their school with their students. We are looking forward to seeing students’ digital stories and campaigns on climate change, as they have the potential to bring about meaningful change.
Beyond the educational aspect, the AGS training workshop served as an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange and communication among teachers with diverse backgrounds and teaching contexts. participants included teachers from primary schools in Iceland that utilize drama techniques, educators from remote schools on Greek islands, teachers from multicultural schools in the heart of Brussels, and educators from rural areas in Spain. The training brought together individuals with varying perspectives and experiences, united by a common goal: taking action against climate change and involving their students in the process.
The participants also enjoyed exploring Zaragoza, indulging in its delightful local cuisine, and visiting its captivating monuments and museums. The entire experience left a lasting impression on everyone involved.