Training and capacity building

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We DEVELOP tailored made material and programmes and DELIVER training and capacity building activities to individuals and organisations with the aim to provide them with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for strengthening a culture of continuous social innovation. We work in a variety of fields and disciplines ranging from primary to higher education and adult education. In more detail, we develop and offer :

  • Teacher’s professional development workshops: At a primary, secondary and higher education level, we deliver TPD workshops aiming at improving teacher’s and university professor’s skills in contemporary pedagogies like Social Innovation Education and Enterprise Education.
  • Educational workshops and events: We organise and deliver educational events for children aged 7-16 with the aim to cultivate a culture of change-making from a young age.
  • “Train the trainer” material and workshops: At an adult and VET education level, we develop “train the trainers” guides and material to support trainers in different domains such as innovation and creativity, (social) entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship etc.
  • Empowerment and youth development: At a youth level, we develop capacity building tools for marginalised and disadvantaged youth to empower, motivate community participation.
  • Our work METHODOLOGY includes experiential and collaborative learning techniques, such as project based learning, service learning, etc.

EXAMPLES of our work:

  1. Teacher training on SIE: As part of our NEMESIS project we deliver teacher training workshops to teachers from primary and secondary education schools in Greece.
  2. Global Children’s Designathon Global children’s Designathon Thessaloniki Thessaloniki 2019.
  3. Members of STIMMULI have a long experience in training and capacity building of young entrepreneurs and SME managers on innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, creativity and internationalisation.