arted Teaching and Learning Events


April and May were two full training months for the arted Erasmus+ project. Creativity and well-being at the forefront!

Stimmuli organised the 2nd arted training (after Haskoli Islands in Iceland) at their premises in Thessaloniki (April 2023), where teachers from primary and secondary education, as well as partners with their trainees participated. In May 2023 partner from Germany YoungArts Neukoln hosted their 3rd training as well in Berlin.

Three full days of tested methodology with activities from our Guides for teachers and Guide for Parents & Carers as well as for Pre-service (trainee) teachers.  Amazing groups of people joined the trainings giving great feedback on the activiΠροεπισκόπηση εικόνας

ties and helping the partners out with evaluation and valuable comments. Methodologies from sound theatre, storytelling, EduLarp, creative mapping, learning through film and music were tested as a tool for learning aiming to be used in a cross-curricular way.

We’re heading now to the final arted Teaching and Learning event in July in Leeds, UK where partners will meet for the last time with their trainees to test the guides.

Lead partner Lisa Stephenson through Storymakers Company, is organising in collaboration with OECD Futures of Education 2030, an International Conference on the 15th of July 2023, to assess the skills of the future and bring the arted methodology and innovation forward to policymakers and opinion leaders.

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Can’t wait to open the future dialogue!