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The STIMMULI team consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers and consultants.  Our team represents diverse backgrounds, but holds a common spirit of social responsibility, optimism and passion for social change.

Eirini Kalemaki

Eirini is one of the three co-founders of STIMMULI. She is a senior researcher and project manager and her main research interests and fields of work are centred on the transformative dynamics of social innovation in the field of formal and non-formal education, migration and social entrepreneurship. She holds an MSc in International and European Studies from NKUA and a Bachelor’s Degree in South East European Studies from AUTH. She is currently doing her PhD on social innovation and education with a geographical focus on the Balkan region. Since 2010, she works as a researcher and manager in innovation and research projects and has gained valuable research experience by contributing to the design, implementation and management of several R&I projects at European and international level. Indicatively, she has participated as a researcher in the FP7 project TEPSIE aiming at building the theoretical, empirical and policy foundations of social innovation in Europe, in the StartUp Europe project “WeHubs”  supporting women entrepreneurship, and the H2020 project “SavingFood” developing a digital social innovation platform to tackle food waste. She was also an external consultant of the US based research company NAVANTI, conducting desk research on the integration of refugees and migrants in Greece. She is currently working as a researcher in the H2020 NEMESIS project that develops a novel collaborative model for social innovation education.


Ioanna Garefi

Ioanna is a Research and Innovation Policy Analyst and the second co-founder of STIMMULI. Since 2006 she has been involved with studies and projects addressing the evolution of research, technological development and innovation on regional, national and European level. She has coordinated and participated in various European and national programmes and has considerable experience as a project manager in EC research activities.  Through her participation in different EC and national programmes, she has gained skills, among others, on evaluation and impact assessment of RTDI policies and programmes, SMEs policies, development of training materials for improving the innovativeness, creativity, entrepreneurship of European organisations and businesses, design, organisation and statistical analysis of European surveys and extraction of indicators in different research and policy fields as well as interpretation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data recording the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and additionality of projects and programmes. She has currently been studying and working on the field of social innovation, social entrepreneurship and social economy, closely been studying the capital flows for social innovation in Greece; the historical overview of the structure and development of the Greek social economy; the main characteristics of the informal citizen networks which have gradually emerged in Greece during the last few years; the support structures required for growing the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

Sofia Kantsiou

Sofia is one of the 3 co-founders of STIMMULI. She holds a University Degree in Accounting and Finance with specialisation in Financial Economics. She had been working for 12 years as a Financial Reporting and Project Manager supporting major EU-Funded projects and as an Accounting Manager supporting both SMEs and big enterprises. She has an excellent knowledge of the financial management of EU research and innovation projects as well as of all administrative aspects of EU-funded projects. After these years of long experience on the finance and accounting sector, she has decided to turn to social economy, as she strongly believes that this is the alternative way to achieve economic and social sustainability. Currently, she is doing her master in Social and Solidarity Economy in Hellenic Open University and is actively involved into research activities focusing on innovative education, social entrepreneurship and the commons.

Giota Digkoglou   Linkedin Profile


Giota is a member of STIMMULI team, and as a junior researcher she helps in innovative and research EU-Funded projects with design, implementation, and management tasks. Giota is at the beginning of her research career, as one year ago started her Ph.D. in the Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia, with a specialization in combining multicriteria decision analysis with argumentation theory in enterprises. She received her MSc in Information Systems from the University of Macedonia in Greece, with a great interest in decision support systems, multiple criteria decision making, operations research and analysis and design of information systems. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Department of Business Administration at the University of Macedonia.

Effie Amanatidou

Effie Amanatidou, is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research / University of Manchester (UK). Effie has 20 years of experience in research and innovation policy analysis including in particular foresight studies and evaluation / impact assessment of research policies and programmes. Since two years ago Effie has taken up a special interest in social innovation especially in relation to grass-roots initiatives emerging in contexts of financial crises in the South of Europe.  Her interest in this area has been focusing on developing a typology of social innovation also in relation to other innovation types and examining its ‘position’ in the research and innovation systems and the consequent policy implications.

Nikos Amanatidis

Nikos works as an external consultant in Stimmuli, bringing his long experience and expertise in the field of education, teachers training and ICTs. Nikos is an education expert with considerable experience in adult and teachers training, design of ICT learning environments and ICT related pedagogies. He is an Educational Coordinator in Northern Greece, as well as a Project Manager and Evaluator of European Projects at the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia.   He has recently obtained a scholarship by the Fulbright Foundation for a study on the U.S. Institutes and successfully completed the course at the California State University of Chico. He is also the general secretary of the ICT Trainers' Association  and member of various education related networks such as the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN), the European Network for Innovation and Research (ENIR), the Hellenic Educational Society,  as well as Ambassador for Scientix and Teachers 4 Europe.

Ifigeneia Kokkali 

Ifigeneia works as an external consultant for STIMMULI. She holds a PhD on international migration with a focus on migrant integration (IFU,  2009).  Since August  2016,  she  is  appointed  as  migration  expert  & experienced project manager to the Working Group for the Management, Coordination and Monitoring of the Refugee Education of the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Previously, she has worked  as  researcher  and  project  coordinator  in  several  academic  institutions,  including  the  European University Institute, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnic University of Florence, Institut Français d’Urbanisme, University of Thessaly,  etc.  She has collaborated  in  the past  with the  World Bank,  the  Council  of  Europe, UNESCO and other International Organizations. Her academic interests include but are not limited to issues of migrant and minority integration, questions of ethnic and school segregation, including school segregation of migrant and refugee children, as well disrupted schooling and absenteeism of refugee and migrant pupils. 

Kyla Raby

Kyla became a member of STIMMULI in January 2018 and she is the creator of the Change Shapers programme. She is a humanitarian at heart, having spent the last 10 years primarily working with non-government organisations in the areas of migration support, community development, human rights, international law and protection. These experiences allowed her to live and work alongside local communities in 15 different countries and experience first hand what can happen when people from diverse backgrounds come together and support one another to thrive. Kyla has a deep passion for equality, and believes that everyone is capable of ‘being the change they wish to see in this world’. Kyla is currently an academic for Ducere Global Business School where she teaches students in a Bachelor of Applied Business and a Bachelor of Social Entrepreneurship subjects including social activism, innovation and corporate social responsibility. For a period of 7 years, Kyla was also heavily involved in designing, developing and facilitating a Leadership Development Program and Personal Empowerment program for the non-government organization World Youth International

Alexandros Nioras 

Alexandros is a research consultant. He holds a BSc degree in Mathematics with specialization in Economics from the University of Sussex and an MSc degree in Technology and Innovation Management from SPRU, University of Sussex, UK. During the past eighteen years he has participated in over 50 national and EU projects, in the field of science, technology and innovation, as well as in many policy evaluation and assessment projects, with the aim of identifying potential issues for transferability, scalability and sustainability. In addition, he has participated in several foresight exercises, surveys (including statistical analysis) and research consulting projects. He has extensive experience in project management (including several projects with over € 1 million budget each) and Consortium management (projects with participation of several EU member states) and has collaborated with a large number of consulting companies across the EU and with many public organisations. He is also a certified evaluator of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology registry (2017 – today) and external innovation expert of the registry of Small Enterprises’ Institute of the GSEVEE (2014 – today).