The HerTechVenture project addresses the need for closing the gender gap in Tech entrepreneurship by addressing the factors that impede women from pursuing careers in tech. As such, the project addresses the needs of higher education institutions to provide more gender inclusive environments for female students and also address the needs of women students for increasing their confidence and entrepreneurial skills in tech. To achieve these goals the project will develop the following results: the HerTechVenture Theory of Change, the GenderWise training programme for educators, the HerTechVenture entrepreneurship programme that will include a hackathon curriculum, a mentoring scheme and digital resources, HerTechVenture Entrepreneurship Academy (implemented in 5 countries) and the organization of a final award event in Poland.


1.To create inclusive HEIs ecosystems that combat gender stereotypes and encourage female students to follow tech business careers.
2.To boost confidence, develop entrepreneurial skills and foster female student’s passion for Tech Business careers.
3.To showcase how HEIs can become catalysts for influencing stereotypes and encouraging more women to become the future tech innovators and entrepreneurs of Europe


Perspektywy Education Foundation, Poland
Uniwersytet Gdanski, Poland
University of Macedonia, Greece
Instituto Politecnico da Guarda, Portugal
Inova+ Innovation Services, SA, Portugal
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece