SNAW is committed to developing an impactful online course to raise awareness about ageism in the workplace, effectively addressing this prevalent issue. The increasing longevity and demographic trends of low birth and death rates in Europe contribute to a larger population of older individuals, rendering them susceptible to age-based discrimination in professional settings. It is crucial that the growing socio-economic involvement of older adults contributes to their empowerment, steering clear of the detrimental impacts of ageism on their health, rights, and productivity.


• Undertake a consolidated research initiative to delve into the various facets of ageism, exploring how it manifests in the workplace, understanding its effects, and formulating effective strategies to tackle it.
• Create a tailored online course designed for both employers and employees of all age groups, spanning diverse organizational sectors.


• “Institut für Lern-Innovation (ILI) (Germany)
• Stimmuli for Social Change (Greece)
• Das Demographie Netzwerk (Germany)
• Dublin City University (Ireland)
• Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (Portugal)
• Asociația Habilitas (Romania)