Evie Kouroumichaki

Project Manager


Evi Kouroumichaki is an agronomist and works as a manager in projects focusing on education for environmental sustainability. In particular, Evi coordinates Stimmuli’s participation in the following projects:  GreenEduLarp, FoodRescue and SDG Labs. In this framework, Evi has gained experience in conducting research activities, designing training programmes and developing future oriented curricula for developing green skills and triggering behavioral swifts for sustainable development.

Simulation role-playing, games, activism tools etc. are some of the methods she uses to engage with educators, trainers, students and the wider community for promoting learning for sustainable growth. She is also experienced in organizing peer-to-peer learning experiences as well as creative training formats involving techniques towards the reinvention of the human-nature interconnection.

Evi holds a bachelor degree in Agronomy; a Master in Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability and a second Master degree in Sustainability in Education.

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