Despoina Schina

Project Manager

Despina Schina

Despoina is an educator and works as a manager in projects focusing on digital literacy, STEAM education and teacher training. In particular, Despoina coordinates Stimmuli’s participation in the following projects: STAND, InterActed, ActGreenStory and Welfare. Despoina has experience in conducting research activities in the sector of educational technology and in designing teacher training programs, e-learning programmes, and educational material for classroom implementation. The learning and teaching activities she designs focus on enhancing teachers’ and students’ digital literacy, triggering the development of their 21st century skills and STEM/STEAM skills and raising awareness on data protection and safety. Her background as an educator enables her to design engaging educational resources that address current students’ and teachers’ needs. Gamification, digital storytelling, critical, creative, and computational thinking, etc. are some of the methods she uses to engage students and teachers. Despoina holds a bachelor’s degree in English Studies, a master’s in Educational Technology and a PhD in Educational Technology. During her PhD studies she delved into teacher training, teachers’ acceptance of technology, Educational Robotics, STEAM Education, 21st century skills, and computational thinking. She has contributed to the publication of scientific articles, and she is currently a reviewer in scientific journals in the field of educational technology.

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