Magda Bakali

Project Manager


Magda is a project manager responsible for projects that focus on gender equity and women’s empowerment, employment, personal and professional development. Magda is responsible for the research and implementation of Stimmuli’s following projects: Femin-ICT (Erasmus+) ENFEM (AMIF) and Women Stem Up (Erasmus+). In this context, Magda has gained experience in conducting qualitative research activities and analysis, designing training programs and developing future oriented educational material for developing skills in design thinking, cross-cultural communication, and entrepreneurship. She has gained experience in designing tools, empowerment and mentorship programs for women of all social, ethnic and educational backgrounds to empower them and help them create a community of support so that they can succeed and integrate in the job market by overcoming the obstacles, gender stereotypes put in their way. She is trained in sexual misconduct and gender sensitivity language in the higher education sector. Magda holds a BA in Political Studies /Global International Studies from Bard College, NY, USA and an MA in Turkish Studies from Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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