Chrysi Georgiadou



Chrysi Georgiadou is a translator at Stimmuli. She holds a BA Honors degree in English Language, Literature, and Linguistics from the esteemed International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for language, Chrysi has honed exceptional skills in analyzing and interpreting complex texts, encompassing both literary and linguistic domains. She has acquired teaching experience through her involvement in the collaborative initiative between the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the English Studies Department of the University of Sheffield. This joint effort led to the establishment of the “English Language Lessons for Teenagers” program, aimed at engaging the public. Within this scheme, Chrysi gained practical experience in designing lesson plans and offering free English classes to underprivileged students at the Municipality’s Public School (‘Koinoniko Frontistirio’). Her main objectives were to enhance their language skills to prepare them for B2 exams, raise awareness about social issues, and provide an opportunity for them to contribute back to their community. The field that she is interested in is education, social empowerment and innovative pedagogical methods.

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