Theofilos Pouliopoulos

Project Manager


Theofilos Pouliopoulos has a PhD in Sport Management with a focus on good governance and business ethics. The last five years he works as a manager and researcher in projects about social innovation education and social entrepreneurship. In particular, Theofilos coordinates Stimmuli’s participation in the following projects: ChangeShaping Schools, BUFSIE, Sign for Change, YES-SI, SPEED, STEMSIL and Digital Firefly. In this context, Theofilos has designed and coordinated research activities and developed educational curricula for teachers’ training and cultivation of 21st century skills and competences in students. Moreover, as a project manager, Theofilos has extensive experience in developing monitoring and evaluation tools for keeping track of indicators and the quality assurance of a project. He is also experienced in organising training events and giving lectures about social innovation education. Lastly, Theofilos holds a bachelor degree in Sport Management; a Master in Business Administration and a second Master in Olympic studies, Organisation and Management of Olympic events.

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