STEMSiL aims to promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) within Deaf Education and support teachers and interpreters to develop STEM teaching/interpreting skills. By doing so, novel methodological approaches and digital tools will be created. The project will enhance learning and future career opportunities in the STEM field for Deaf students in Europe.


The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
• Analyse the current situation in STEM education within Deaf education and characteristics of deaf education and identify pertaining issues
• Develop new methods and tools for teachers and Sign Language interpreters to transmit the main STEM concepts into deaf education.
• Enhance awareness of European Sign Languages and of Deaf communities within the context of STEM education for deaf children at both elementary and secondary levels
• Promote the involvement of teachers, Sign Language interpreters and deaf students in real-life STEM projects.


Humboldt University Berlin (DE)
Center of Greek Sign Language (GR)
Stimmuli for Social Change(GR)
Colegio Gaudem (ES)
Quinta de Marrocos (PT)

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