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The purpose of the AYH project is to design, prototype and develop evidence-informed guidance and supporting tools for youth, youth educators and policy makers on the development of employability skills for youth, with a focus on active citizenship, entrepreneurship and digital skills.


The specific objectives of the AYH project are the following:
• To provide youth educators with evidence-informed guidelines and resources, which can be used with youth for the development of active citizenship, digital and entrepreneurial skills
• To provide youth with online and offline learning experiences for the development of active citizenship and entrepreneurial
• To provide policy makers with standards and recommendations on how to integrate active citizenship and entrepreneurship as a priority in the existing strategies and policies.


Erasmus Universiteit
Rotterdam (NL)
Stimmuli for Social Change (GR)
Youthfully Yours (GR)
Asociatia Copiii in Sanul Familiei (RO)
Ofensiva Tinerilor Asociatia (RO)
International Debate Education Association (NL)

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