The “SPEED” methodology combines new approaches of social innovation, social inclusion with development of key competences of pupils in four European countries in social enterprise as well as involving the local community with SPEED school enterprises. School education will target the reinforcing and development of key competences in lifelong learning for example by promoting cross-curricular collaboration, cooperating with stakeholders in local communities as well as promoting the development of new fair based partnerships between schools, businesses and wider society. Social inclusion and the protection of the ecological system are inherent challenges in Europe 2020. These challenges have also a huge impact on the economy, the welfare system and the job market.


SPEED intends to:

  • Set up a methodology that takes schools from the first steps to creating a new social economy together with their community.
  • Test and improve a new model of FairShares that is inclusive and sensitive to local conditions
  • Transfer the experience of social entrepreneurship and FairShares of junior schools to secondary schools
  • Create new non exploitative supply chains between eco friendly and ethical suppliers with schools and communities that will contribute to a sustainable Europe
  • Develop new learning approaches and tools for schools in enterprise education
  • Create new education and training tools online
  • Develop a supportive infrastructure to support new schools and community based FairShares companies by adopting the FairShares Platform, FairShares Planner and creating a
  • SPEED online academy
  • Create new best practices for schools, communities and FairShares companies
  • Create new replication models, designed partly by children based on shared growth that will create a sustainable Europe
  • Develop and use Social Auditing processes that help schools and communities focus on sustainability and prove their social impact




Udruga za kreativni razvoj Slap, Croatia

Verein zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration e.V., Germany

KOPF, HAND und FUSS gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung mbH, Germany

Eskdale School,l UK

LocoSoco Limited, UK

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