CICLO visions the development of an interactive, needs-oriented online Circular Economy labor market ecosystem and skills mapping and provide a training package for employed and unemployed persons to equip them with basic circular economy jobs skills related to recycling management, reuse and remanufacturing opportunities, servitisation (services instead of products) development.

CICLO and its training accredited partners will secure the recognition of skills and qualifications of CICLO participants based on the EQF, and the ECVET maximizing their potential for access to the labor market, social and financial integration and simultaneously offering new inclusive pedagogies in education.


CICLO it satisfies a number of Erasmus+ objectives such as:

  • Develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among EU citizens.
  • Support inclusive training initiatives and digital inclusion for all.
  • Open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era.
  • Provide an innovative ICT–based educational practice that will motivate the adults to commit in active learning.
  • Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications to facilitate learning, employability and labor mobility.
  • Sustainable investment, performance and efficiency in education and training.
  • Combine higher levels of excellence and attractiveness of training and education with increased opportunities for all, including those at disadvantage.
  • Strengthening key competences in C-VET curricula and providing more effective opportunities to acquire or develop those skills through I-VET and C-VET.

• Enhancing access to training and qualifications through C-VET, by increasing the quality, supply and accessibility of C-VET, validation of non-formal and informal learning, and promoting work-place learning.


LP CEKOV, Slovakia

Centre for Social Innovation, Cyprus

Fondo Provinciale Milanese per la Cooperazione Internazionale, Italy

IPSantarém, Portugal

Magenta Consultoría Projects S.L.U., Spain

Meath Partnership, Ireland

PRISM , Italy

STIMMULI for social change, Greece