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NEMESIS presents the first consolidated approach for explicitly embedding Social Innovation in Education in Europe. It started in 2017 seeking to design, develop and test in 5 European countries (Greece, Spain, UK, France and Portugal) a novel educational model for equipping students of primary and secondary education with Social Innovation competences.

Social Innovation Education (SIE) is defined by NEMESIS as: “a collaborative and collective lea


rning process for the empowerment and socio/political activation of students to drive social change no matter their professional pathways”.

In more detail, SIE combines:

– action with activism,

– personal development with collective efficacy,

– entrepreneurial mindsets with democratic values and

– individual competences with collective competences

so as to prepare and empower young people to cooperate with each other,  collectively achieving common goals and driving positive change for a more democratic and sustainable society.


To meet its learning objectives, SIE combines innovative pedagogies and learning methods, open technologies and participatory relations and processes.

Stimmuli was the organisation who initially conceived and designed the idea behind NEMESIS. Within the project, Stimmuli wears multiple hats: it has designed the theoretical learning framework of SIE, it facilitates the pilot implementation in Greece through direct interactions with schools; it is responsible for the evaluation of the impact of NEMESIS on both students and teachers in all pilot countries.

Until now more than 50 teachers and 1000 students have been involved in the pilot tests of the project by establishing the so called “co-creation labs” which is the main tool of the project for promoting collaborative relations between students and adults. In co-creation labs, students and adults try to jointly address social challenges and develop and implement social innovation projects. The first evaluation results provide evidence about the impact of NEMESIS on students demonstrating the positive effect of their involvement in co-creation labs in terms of emotional, cognitive, behavioral and agentic engagement:


If you want to learn more about the project visit the NEMESIS website:



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 770348