REWIP is an EU-funded project aiming at supporting young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (aged 18 – 30) that arrive in a new country of residence in the EU and wish to make their first steps towards achieving work integration and as an extension, social integration. REWIP aims at achieving this goal by initiating and facilitating volunteering and mentoring opportunities for young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who wish to work voluntarily in a local business for a limited amount of time, learn a new profession or further develop an already familiar one, as well as liaise meaningfully with a professional mentor who can guide them in their professional endeavours. REWIP draws and further advances existing methodologies of work integration, scouting for best practices and attending to its target groups’ needs and preferences.


The strategic objectives of the project are:

1) To develop an innovative action based “Refugee empowerment and work integration programme” (REWIP) that will promote the social inclusion, employability and entrepreneurial potential of young refugees in host societies.

2)To enhance the competences of youth workers working with refugees in developing effective methods for supporting their work integration.


University of Piraeus, Greece

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

Solidarity Now, Greece

ethelon, Greece

NewBees, The Netherlands

CESIE, Italy

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