RefashionForGood (RfG) Erasmus+ KA2 project will work on the 4Rs (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Rethinking) idea with double focus: addressing fashion over-consumption but also stereotypes created from the fashion industry, to empower teenagers’ well-being. It seeks to create an environmentally and socially sustainable -4R- school community, shaping tomorrow’s changemakers, achieving not only greener behaviors, but also breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions, creating a more inclusive quality-enhanced environment through participatory methods, campaigning and community engagement.


RfG project strives for empowering teenagers with the 4R philosophy of life through fashion with the double focus of environmental and social impact. To this end, sets the following objectives:
● To empower teachers with methods and tools to activate themselves and students towards 4Rs practices. Teachers will receive innovative material to be equipped with the necessary methodologies for the RfG project application like art therapy, project-based learning and more. Accessible Multimedia material and a thorough training workshop will enhance their comptences. This methodology will encourage them to also shift their way of perceiving fashion and its multiple layers and eventually advocate for a better way of fashion management in school classes and beyond.

● To empower students with competences towards embedding a 4R way of living. Through our carefully designed lesson plans package, they will be introduced to all kinds of alternatives for Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Rethinking with the fashion stimulus. Their relationship with fashion will be confronted and reintroduced, and so will the connection with their peers and society. They will develop a greener, fair and psychologically more robust relation to fashion, body image, social imperatives, that will empower them to create fuller, happier groups.

● To create RfG ambassadors for change. Students will be encouraged to communicate the message of 4R philosophy to the world for fashion and deliver small-scale actions with their communities to suggest green practices for fashion and social acceptance through fashion. They will create AV or sound documentation of their work during the lesson plans and create inspiring and influencing testimonies for other peers and also community stakeholders.


New Nordic Youth – Efterskolen for iværksætteri S/I, Denmark

CESIE, Italy

Associació Animacción España / Associació Animacción Arteterapia, Spain

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

People of 2050, Denmark

Fundacja Rozwoju Aktywnosci Miedzynarodowej i Edukacyjnej – FRAME, Poland

Diapolitismiko Gymnasio Evosmou, Greece