The PRAISE project aims to address issues related to polarization, radicalization, deradicalization, and the formation of non-radical identities, with a primary focus on adolescents (aged 13-17) in urban areas. In this way, the project will aim to support the formation of safe, violence-free and supporting European school environments as well as to ensure that all school students, girls and boys alike, experience and learn how to live together, open-minded and in peace.


PRAISE project aims at:
1. developing the PRAISE Competences Framework for the development of school students’ socio-ecological resilience to radicalization and violent extremism (WP2),
2. creating an innovative training curriculum and materials for students (aged 13-17) to enhance their socio-ecological resilience against extremism (WP3),
3. creating the PRAISE e-learning platform and a digital board game for school students (WP4),
4. developing a Toolkit for teachers, school educators, relevant stakeholders and policymakers in order to support the students and achieve a “radicalization-free” European school environments (WP5).


Sandgärdskolan, Sweden (coordinator)
Innovation Hive, Greece
Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece
”Marin Preda” High School in Turnu Magurele, Romania
De La Salle College, Ireland
Petit Pas aps, Italy
I & F Education, Ireland
CSI – Center for Social Innovation, Cyprus