The NBS4School project aims to promote a shift in the traditional way that climate change education is usually provided, moving from ‘learning about’ climate change to ‘learning for addressing climate change”, through an action-oriented pedagogy, with central focus being in Nature Based Solutions. The project combines activism, scientific literacy and citizen science, offering a bottom-up pedagogical approach to promote students’ interest in the community and the environment.


The project’s objectives are:

1) To develop new knowledge for integrating NBS and citizen science in primary education around Europe;

2) To train primary school teachers and provide them with teaching and learning materials that will improve their competences in action-oriented climate change education based on NBS.

3) To promote students’ interest in STEM by combining NBS with citizen science;

4) To demonstrate the educational potential of NBS through real life implementation at schools and collect evidence about their contribution in developing student’s competences for climate change and increasing their interest and participation in science and civic matters


Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Umwelterziehung e.V. , Germany

STIMMULI for social change, Greece

Universidade de Lisboa. Portugal

Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Ktiriaki BB Thessalonikis S.A., Greece

Agrupamento de Escolas Professor Ruy Luis Gomes, Portugal