NBS Academy



NBS Academy is a new Teacher Academies (TA) project, co-funded by the European Union. Its primary goal is to create a European Community of Practice (CoP) of teacher education by bringing together training providers, teachers, policy makers and other education experts for developing and testing new professional learning programmes and improving teachers’ competences on Education for Environmental Sustainability (EES). This will be achieved by utilising the untapped potential of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in teacher education. In addition, the project aims for designing a new NBS Education Framework, acknowledging and mainstreaming the innovative aspect of NBS in the educational landscape.


a)Build the first Network and Academy for promoting and mainstreaming nature-based solutions (NBS) in teacher education
b) Develop a comprehensive “Train the Trainer” (TTT) programme for guiding teacher trainers to design and deliver effective NBS teacher training programmes
c) Co-create joint training courses for ITE and CPD for integrating NBS in teacher education across Europe
d) Develop innovative mobility schemes to foster the European dimension of the NBS Academy training programmes
e) Test NBS Academy’s teacher training courses and mobility schemes to showcase their contribution to foster NBS teacher education in Europe
f) Develop appropriate tool and measures to foster NBS Academy’s  long-term sustainability
g) Develop and promote policy recommendations for supporting EU and national policy makers to foster the integration of NBS in teacher education


1. Stimmuli for social change, Coordinator, Greece
2. European Schoolnet, Belgium
3.Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen, Germany
4. University of Innsbruck, Austria
5. Univesity of Thessaly, Greece
6. University of Nicosia, Cyprus
7. Ecosystem Europe Association, Bulgaria
8. National Center for training of pedagogical specialists, Bulgaria
9. University of Gothenburg, Sweden