Communities 3.0



Communities 3.0 will equip community-based organisations with new methods and tools to promote social inclusion, civic engagement, and democracy, and to attract and offer everyone in the community lifelong and life wide learning opportunities. These methods will be directly applied by the participating organisations and their local partners in practice. These best practices will boost bottom-up initiatives in SEDN, where the citizens of SEDN will be directly involved.


The main objective of this project is to develop a sustainable cooperative approach in a form of the forward-looking learning platforms for boosting civil society actors and adult education organisations as active agents for social inclusion in SEDN (socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods).

The project also aims at:

  • Creating capacity-building and competence-development via 2 MOOC courses. 1) Sustainable local partnerships as forward-looking learning platforms for promoting social inclusion and active in citizenship in SEDN and 2) “Creative neighborhoods for social inclusion, civic participation and active citizenship”
  • Creating a toolbox with evidence-based and hands-on best practices


MIR Akademien AB, Sweden

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

Studiefrämjandets avd i Uppsala län Sweden

Sdrudzenie Znam i Moga Bulgaria

Centro Interculturale Artistico Siciliano, La Guilla Italy

Centro Internazionale Per La Promozione, Dell’educazione E Lo Sviluppo Associazione, CEIPES, Italy