Change Shaping Schools



ChangeShaping Schools wishes to become the gateway project for diffusing “Social Innovation Education” (SIE) in Europe as a comprehensive inclusive educational model for
empowering and preparing students for tomorrow’s world.

SIE is an educational model that has been co-created, implemented and tested by a number of schools during 2018-2020, as part of our Horizon 2020 NEMESIS project. SIE brings
together Social Innovation (SI) and education for empowering students in an inclusive way to become the changemakers of tomorrow.
In this context, ChangeShaping Schools aim to contribute towards introducing SIE in primary and secondary education and upscaling the already existing and validated
educational model to a higher number of schools around Europe supporting in this way educators in implementing inclusive approaches and in promoting common values. SIE has
proven to be an education model which has the potential to enhance the development of social and civic competences in school and beyond, connecting students and teachers with
parents and local community and political actors to make social change.


Change Shapers objectives are:

  • Promote common values and foster inclusive education.
  • Cultivate social and civic competences in schools around Europe.
  • Enhance and support teachers’ professional development contributing further to an improved education.


Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

Social Entreprise International, UK

CSI Centre for Social Innovation, Cyprus

AllGrow, Romania

KIDHUB, Serbia