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The PLASTIC FREE HEROES project provides an innovative learning offer that builds on plastic as a conceptual context for learning in order to enable students to develop 21st-century skills. Particularly, a novel curriculum that employs and combines student-centered pedagogical methods will be developed to enable learners to engage with project-based learning activities (i.e. students device innovative reclining solutions or alternative materials to be used instead of plastic as well as advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to sensitize the community about this environmental issue) through which a deeper learning process will be facilitated leading to the cultivation of 21st competences. The project will also develop a “teacher training programme” that will enable teachers to apply effectively the developed curriculum and the innovative pedagogies that include. The curriculum that will be developed will be tested during a pilot phase with secondary education schools in 5 different countries.

As a result, it is expected that PLASTIC FREE HEROES will enrich teacher’s knowledge and skills towards innovative teaching practices as the project will directly train more than 20 teachers during a face to face training session as well as a larger number of teachers through the open educational resources and the online training courses that will be produced. A significant benefit is also foreseen for the hundreds of students who will participate in the project and experience the learning activities of the curriculum. Through this process, students will develop innovative and transversal skills essential for adapting and successfully provoking to change.

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