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NEMESIS designs, develops and tests in 5 European countries, Greece, Spain, UK, France, and Portugal an educational model for equipping students of primary and secondary education with values and tools of Social Innovation Skills.
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REWIP: Refugee Empowerment and Work Integration Programme


REWIP is an EU-funded project aiming at supporting young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers that arrive in a new country of residence in the EU and wish to make their first steps towards achieving work integration and as an extension, social integration.
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Change Shapers aims to empower young people to be engaged and active citizens by better understanding themselves, their internal power and their potential to influence.
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The DESIGN FUTURES project aims at enhancing the capacities of teachers in competence-based education by developing and delivering teaching and learning modules that will enable them to embed highly innovative pedagogies of Design Thinking and the Maker Education.
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The PLASTIC FREE HEROES project provides an innovative learning offer that builds on plastic as a conceptual context for learning in order to enable students to develop 21st-century skills.
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CICLO visions the development of an interactive, needs-oriented online Circular Economy labor market ecosystem and skills mapping and provides a training package for employed and unemployed persons.
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UPthEM project will develop an innovative training programme, called Upskilling Pathways for Employability (UPthEM Program). The programme will combine entrepreneurship and employability training curricula with a role-play simulation.
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SeBI aims to identify the key challenges that educational systems face in areas were the determination of the Best Interest of the Child is a prerequisite.
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The purpose of ENACTED is to establish a new, currently absent, yet much needed, online networking platform connecting European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).
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