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Empowering people by providing them with the tools, knowledge and capacities needed to make a positive impact on society is essential for creating a culture of continuous social innovation. In this respect, our activities focus on making education more motivating, innovative, inclusive and social based on a human-centered vision and approach.

In this respect, we are conducting training needs analysis, design “train the trainer” activities, develop education and training material on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and evaluate educational programs. We also conduct research on education policies and practices by bringing together different people, cultures and ideas with the aim to expand the frontiers of academic thought and influence real life education practices and policies.

We are currently involved in the development of a novel educational model aiming at introducing social innovation education at schools of primary and secondary education in five European countries.


The educational principles guiding our work include:

  • experiential and collaborative learning
  • listening and reflection
  • peer support and mentoring
  • creation of a learning environment characterised by openness, participation, mutual respect and support