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 Before telling you more about us

let’s talk about our NAME first

Well, if you think this is a just a spelling mistake, this is not the case! Since we wanted to stress that social change happens only when you D.I.W.O. (Do It With Others) than D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) we came up with a name which may include a spelling mistake (2 Ms) but stresses the power of people when acting together.

Now it’s time to talk about us and


We are a non-profit, women-led organisation envisioning to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society.

Based on this vision,

our MISSION is

To support people to become powerful catalysts for social change. We do so by designing and implementing educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles.

And the beginning of


Stimmuli was born by three women working in the consulting sector for many years while never lost their appetite to design projects with social impact.

All these years, we have met inspiring people trying to make a positive change to the world! This was a big stimulus for us to get involved and try to activate the collective intelligence of people to drive positive change. In 2017 we established STIMMULI as a mission-driven attempt to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable society by designing projects stimulating change in education! In this respect, our activities focus on making education more motivating, innovative, inclusive and social, based on a human-centered vision and approach.