Stimmuli at the Learning Planet Festival 2023

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Stimmuli for Social Change will be hosting two events at the Learning Planet Festival 2023 on the 25th January in celebration of the World Education Day and invites you to be there!

The events are as follows:


1.’School Education for Greener Futures‘ online roundtable: Today more than ever, with the imminent threat of planet’s and human’s health, we are called to shift our habits, adopt environmental-friendly lifestyles and act towards a better future. Schools can be labs of innovation, knowledge hubs but also changemakers’ incubators. In this session we will explore good practices for green citizenship from education actors from around the world and facilitate discussion on how we’ll move forward to act upon a better, healthier and greener future. Join us on this quest and share your thoughts and practices with our speakers! Event link for registrations here 




2. ‘Change Shaping Schools: Introducing Social Innovation Education in schools around Europe‘ online Masterclass: Change Shaping Schools is addressed to primary and secondary schools with the objective of preparing students for the world of tomorrow by enhancing their social and civic competences, fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of values and skills. The pedagogy used is Social Innovation Education (SIE), which harnesses the UN’s SDGs as a guidance framework to inspire the students identify problems and provide innovative solutions. change-shaping-schools The project is implemented in Serbia, Romania, Cyprus and Croatia, while the SIE approach has also been tested in several other European countries in the context of the predecessor H2020 project NEMESIS. This Masterclass will present the SIE approach with practical guidelines for teachers and the successful projects that schools have already implemented. The goal is to inspire schools adopt the SIE model and give to students the opportunity to become positive changemakers. Event link here




Make sure you save the date and register on time!