Creatives Academy Teachers’ & Creatives’ Training in Subotica, Serbia


Creatives Academy Training for Teachers and Creatives took place in Subotica, Serbia from 28th -30th June 2022.

50 practitioners including teachers, creative professionals, educators and researchers joined together at Open University Subotica for the Creatives Academy Training organised by Csilla Nemet. Practitioners came from such a wide range of backgrounds including primary and secondary education, careers and enterprise education and a wide variety of creative professions including practitioners from ceramics, film, visual arts, musical composition and cultural heritage! The training was to further co-develop the Creatives Academy curriculum and tools (project outputs) such as the video training course for teachers and podcast series for creative professionals.

Participants had the chance to be introduced to the CA framework (Sei), the CA Curriculum (Stimmuli) and the CA Teachers ‘ Toolkit (OUS)!

They had the experience of a hands-on workshop, simulating how this would happen in class with their students. Teachers passed to co-creation projects with creatives and to presenting their projects to all the group!

The last day they co-created on the last day the CA Podcasts for creative professionals with the help of SDT partner.

We had also the chance to meet Klara i Rosa – a local creative movement who empower women through art. We visited some artwork in a local square which provided an inclusive way for all to access art and then their wonderful gallery. We also had the opportunity to visit ITSubotica2030 in a smart building – totally controlled by tablets! Open University also introduced us to their facilities and work including the upcoming European Film Festival Palic which we were sad to miss for just two weeks!

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