EDUMED_Bridging the gap between educational stakeholders through mediation Kick-Off


On 19 November 2020, the Kick-off-Meeting of #EduMed, an #Erasmus+ project,was carried out virtually, in a very positive ambience between the consortium representatives. Six partner organisations from five different countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Portugal and Spain) have united their powers to generate future positive impact through the decisive goals of the project. Some of the most important issues that were discussed during the KoM (kick-off meeting), concerned the description of the general concept, aims and outputs of the project, in parallel to each partner’s responsibilities and secondly the management plan (along with the presentation of management tool “Teamwork Platform”, through which the partners communicate and are coordinated with each other). Next, the matters about which all the partners talked in turn regarded the plan of dissemination activities, which was presented by the lead partner (Approximar), the strategy of Quality Assurance and Evaluation plan (a particular activity which Stimmuli is leading in the project), some information about financial issues and bilateral agreements as well as a review of deadlines in accordance with the distribution of tasks that each partner is responsible for. This period, the first output of the project “Screening tool of legislation framework and collection of practices on education mediation”, with emphasis on partners’ countries, is already in progress.


A few words about the project

The main meaning of #EduMed is recapped in the project’s title “Bridging the gap between educational stakeholders through mediation”. The whole duration of the project is two years (01/11/2020- 31/10/2022) and its overall goal is to consolidate in a multilingual framework legal requirements, knowledge and skills, qualities and personal traits of educational mediators, elaborating training programmes for mediation and peer mediation, as well as to collect working practices in educational mediation.