We are very happy to inform you that Thessaloniki was one of the 40 cities around the world where the Global Children’s Designathon happened! Saturday, 16th of November 2019 was a really exciting, creative and playful day for our team! STIMMULI was honored to be part of the global team and host the event at the Labattoir Project in Thessaloniki.

The event aimed at developing social innovation through education, focusing on the issue of “Food and Climate Change”, which are key sustainable goals for supporting the development around the world. 23 children from 8 to 12 years old participated, where they were informed about the impact of our eating habits on the environment, and they examined possible solutions for the redistribution of food.

During the day, children have used their imagination and creativity and designed their own solutions, making prototypes using various recyclable materials, and also sensors, motors, and other electronic components. At the end of the day, they presented their inventions to a group of experts and their parents, getting positive feedback and being engaged in fruitful discussions around their inventions and how they can indeed make the change they want to see in the world. Excitement and creativity prevailed throughout the day and everyone left with the promise to meet again next year!

As part of this event, STIMMULI and Boroume discussed with educators who were there about how the concept of social innovation in primary and secondary school students can create an innovative approach in education. They also informed the educators and the parents about the NEMESIS’s actions taken so far and how they can become part of the NEMESIS community and keep up to date with what is to come. Discussion with the children and their fruitful ideas have stimulated NEMESIS’s team members with more creativity.